Feed grade Copper oxychloride
Product name: Copper oxychloride , Cupric Chloride,Basic
CAS No.: 1332-65-6; 1332-40-7
EINECS No.: 215-572-9
Molecular weight: 427.11 (as anhydrous substance)
Molecular formula: CuCl2·3Cu(OH)2·XH2O(X=1/2, 1, 2)
Properties: Green crystalline fine sand-like powder, insoluble in water,Soluble in acid, it is uniform particles, good fluidity, small dust,Green crystalline powder without moisture absorption and clumping. It is widely used as a Cu source additive for livestock and poultry feed, intermediates of pesticides, pharmaceutical intermediates, and wood preservatives.
Execution standard:
GB/T 21696-2008
Test items
Testing standard
Copper oxychloride
Assay (as Cu)
Water content
Arsenic (As)
Lead (Pb)
Cadmium (Cd)
Acid-insoluble substance
Number of mesh (80 mesh)
100% passed

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